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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:Furry-Paws.com
In:26300 Rank:290
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Furry Paws Description

Furry Paws is a virtual dog game where you can raise, feed, train, and compete with your very own virtual canine pals. There are over 190 breeds available and 15 show types. How do you go about playing a game like this?

Furry Paws is a virtual dog game where you can raise, train, play with, feed, and show virtual dogs. There are over 190 breeds and counting, and 15 dog sports. You start out with 60,000 FP and buy your own dog. You are supposed to take care of it, give it a collar and leash, and enter it in contests. You can get a job, like a vet or competitor.

Kids and adults from around the world set up their kennels, raise, train and feed their dogs. When a dog is ready, they can compete in a wide variety of dog sports. This game teaches responsibility, and is strictly monitored to keep it kid safe. The participants help with the monitoring, and infractions are dealt with quickly.


Fur Bank

You can deposit money here for safe keeping, or withdraw it for use. Money that you deposit here will also earn interest every Sunday that will be automatically added to your bank account. Your job salary is also added to the bank every Sunday. Money is also added directly to your bank account when a player enters one of your shows, buys a dog you have up for public sale, transfers money to you, etc. Money is subtracted from your bank account when a private sale bid you made is accepted, among other things.

Pet Store

Here you can purchase dogs of any gender and any breed. You can also choose whether to buy a puppy (6 FP days old) or an adult (12 FP days old). Below the purchase a dog form, there is a table that shows the strengths and weaknesses of each dog group. Each breed on Furry Paws is categorized into a dog group, such as a herding group or a toy group. Groups have strengths in some statistics, and weaknesses in others. These strengths and weaknesses are important to consider when choosing what sport to train your dog in.


There are Food Store, Accessories Store, Toy Store and the Training Equipment Store for now. You can purchase some food, a leash, a bed or several different toys for your puppy.


This is the dog sport training area. You can play with your dog or train it. Your dog can only be trained in one type of dog sport (or two with the help of a professional trainer or ditto ticket), so you need to choose which sport to train it in very carefully...

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Furry Paws Review/Guide

Furry Paws Review: A Dog Sim Game

urry Paws is a virtual dog game. And this is a review in which the author explained why he cared the game. He examined some of the 'cliques' on FP. Although there are so many 'cliques', they just play the game with different aims. In this respect, it’s a fun game for all ages! Add to favorites CommentSubmit Article

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Furry Paws Guide: For Beginners

Furry Paws is a virtual dog game where you can raise, feed, train, and compete with your very own virtual canine pals. Here is a guide with questions that asked a lot on the help boards. The author sorted out the reference materials and made this guide. It will be a great help for the beginners about how to make money, raise and train a dog etc.

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