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Gladius 2


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient World
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Bigpoint GmbH
In:13301 Rank:791
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Gladius 2 Description

Bloody and relentless battles await you in Gladius 2. You don't get anything for free here. Step into one of the numerous arenas and confront your fate. Are you going to let your fear get the better of you or are you going to become the hero of this online game?Equip your gladiator with everything that he needs: weapons, protective equipment and diverse types of alloys are at your disposal for this purpose.


Gladius2 is a flash-based browser game with the look and feel of a full-price title: For the first time, the fighting arena has been scaled for full-screen use: that way, the 3D look and the graphic details really show up. The action-packed gameplay turns the fights, animal hunts and missions into a mass spectacle. Everyone can get started right away – with numerous weapons, ammunition and armor, thousands of opponents become intoxicated at the same time by the applause of the masses and fight for the rank of the best gladiator in the arena.

Here, every player fights live against thousands of real opponents. The action-packed gameplay with intuitive controls using the mouse and keyboard make getting involved in the world of the ancient Coliseum a snap. The missions take place directly in the arena and attain a complex game depth with long-term motivation through an exciting story about power and intrigue.


Gladius2 offers action-packed game fun with hand-to-hand and long-range weapons. Numerous arenas are just waiting to be fought in – and as a Premium member you can even design your own arenas with the arena editor. Everything is in a complex 2D/3D environment and with fantastic details. The complicated graphics and the newest animation technology turn Gladius2 into a real action adventure!

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Gladius 2 Review/Guide

Gladius2 Review

Do you have what it takes to survive in the gladiatorial arena? That's the premise of Gladius 2. You're taking on the role of a Roman gladiator in the great arena. Gladius 2 is a browser-based massively multi player online role playing game (MMORPG) so you will be able to battle against actual human players from all over the world.

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Gladius 2 Guide: Arena Game Controls

This assumes that you have purchased the weapon for that number key, otherwise pressing the number key will not change weapons. Number Key 1 = Switches to War Sword/Sword Number Key 2 = Switches to War Spear/Spear

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