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Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:37Games
In:10137 Rank:1222
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Guardians of Divinity Description

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new MMO published by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. You play as a god that has been cast from the heavens. Join the first MMO to take gods from around the world and battle with them not only on earth but also in the stars. Use a custom built spaceship to battle your enemies in space and beyond. As the chosen one you’ll have the ability to morph into different gods, such as Ares, Thor, or even the Monkey King in your quest to return to your former position among the gods.

Background Story

The game begins in the past, when human beings were on different continents and worshiped different gods. This non-unified worship brought the mortals ceaseless war, until Prometheus created a towering structure that separated the different continents into massive floating cities in the air. He also gave the Atlantians Energy Crystals which allowed them to create wonders beyond imagination. For a long time this brought nothing but peace and prosperity.


The Atlantians even created space vessels which allowed the world to become connected again after hundreds of years. However, The Goddess of Prophecy predicted that there would be a chosen demigod that would take Zeus’s throne and become the new king of gods. From hence forth the nightmare began as Zeus hunted them down. The remaining demigods plotted a bold plan -- overthrowing the gods.


Game Features

1. Immersive Environment

Play inside a fully immersive cross myth world with an engrossing story about the redemption of a god amongst a war for humanities very existence. Fight across not only the land but the very universe in your battle against the gods. Become entwined within the mythic story through our specifically crafted quests.


2. Morph into Gods

The morph system allows players to transform into legendary deities. After meeting certain requirements players are able to steal the powers of the gods and bend them to their own will. Use the power of Ares to roast enemies using his Fireblast ability.


3. Space Vessel

Players will be given their own Space Vessel which is customizable. The Space Vessel is upgradable so players may unlock new features and weapons. There is also a morph feature which will allow the Space Vessel to transform its appearance and abilities.


4. Cross-Server Matches

G.O.D. allows huge battles to span across servers with massive amounts of players. Fight to the death for the abundant resources that only the strongest of champions can win. There is even a hierarchy where top players have the chance to become the King or Duke of a nation on a server.

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