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Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turn-based Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:One Button Studio
In:8503 Rank:1047
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GunSwords Description

In the multiplayer online game GUNSWORDS you are a squad commander that combats his oppponents for the title of the greatest tactician. Participating in combat operations and displaying your valour you obtain awards and ranks, multiply your professional in-game achievements, and, excelling your opponents, climb up the GUNSWORDS players rating list, thus gaining access to new weapons, battle locations etc.

Armed tin soldiers of three battle classes recruited for game points fight enemy under your sharp command. Each battle class has its arming line in the arsenal of the game, as well as its personal tactical characteristics. Upon completion of a battle, the victor is rewarded with game points.

For those who like standing out against other players and getting better rewards there's premium account status.

If you are a fan of turn-based strategy genre and you have an eye for exceptional graphics and game atmosphere - be sure to check out this game. Good luck in combat!

GunSwords Screenshot

GunSwords Video

GunSwords Review/Guide

GunSwords First Impression by Zevri

GunSwords by One Button Studio is a squad based battle area that goes in a turn based format. It runs of the unity engine which is gaining popularity quickly and offers a lot of flexibility for game developers to mess around with...

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Step-by-step Guide to Experiencing GunSwords

GunSwords is designed for extensive experimenting with squad customization. It implies changing the number of fighters, trying different fighter class combinations, balancing damage/health ratio by buying more expensive weaponry or saving equipment points for health...

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