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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Extralives AG
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Hattrick Description

Hattrick is an online, browser-based, football(soccer) management game. You trade players and coach your team in competition with hundreds of thousands of opponents playing simultaneously from all over the world. As well as the game, the community of players provide a great deal of entertainment.


Currently, there are 120 countries represented in hattrick. Each season, the HT team add new ones to the spectrum. There are over 900,000 managers all over the world.


Test Your Manage Talent in Numbers of Games
After a short registration period, the user receives a team. Nearly always, the newbie takes over someone's old, defunct team, and the team's position in the league structure with an initial set of players, a weak coach, a small stadium, fanclub, and staff. The player is then free to manage his or her squad, sell and purchase the players, define a training scheme, and so forth. If the player is successful enough to win their league, he or she is granted promotion to a higher league the next four-months-long season, half of the time by automatic promotion and the other half via a qualifier game with a team that finished in the qualification zone in a league above.

Free to Play
Hattrick is completely free to play. The normal service includes the ability to change the training type, hire and fire your staff, buy and sell players, set your lineup for the match, invest in a youth squad, and run the club as an owner of a football club would. As with any manager game, the player must assign positions to the players and some basic tactics and strategic options.

Continuous New Features

Hattrick is always under development, and the game developers are constantly adding new features to the game and enhancing the current ones. These additions, and proposed ideas, are usually accompanied by heated debate in the game's conferences - a recurring topic is whether the top teams should be invited to a Champions League-style tournament, which as of 19 December 2005 has been implemented in the form of the hattrick Masters.

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Hattrick Review/Guide

Hattrick Review

There are two different ways you can play Hattrick. One if free and the other is supporter which you pay £4.00 pounds once every three months and that is a steal if you ask me. You don't get any advantage over others if you have supporter, what it basically lets you do is give your team a match kit and give yourself a fan club and a couple of other little stat features but if you choose to play free which I did for three years then it is still an awesome game.

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Hattrick Newbie Guide

What I present is one way to getting started, not the only way! There are many different approaches to the game, and some people might believe, that what I suggest isn't the best way. They may even be right. But I can assure you, that following this guide, will help you to avoid many of the most common mistakes, that are made by a lot of new managers.

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