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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Anime
Graphics: Text only Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Eric Stevens & JT Traub
In:24612 Rank:322
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Hogwarts Live Description

Hogwarts Live is a free online Harry Potter multiplayer game, which is accessible to the visually impaired (i.e. blind-accessible). Once you start playing you can gain experience points, galleons, and levels by defeating fantastic beasts, unruly Professors, evil Death Eaters, and the infamous Voldemort to claim your title as a Hogwarts Champion.

Ever wish you could step into Harry's shoes? If you're bored, or just helplessly in love with the boy wizard Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and the Wizarding World! Hogwarts Live is a non-forum based interactive Harry Potter game that takes place in a futuristic Hogwarts setting where Harry has already graduated and is known as legend throughout the wizarding world. You must work your way up by gaining levels and experience through defeating fantastic beasts, malicious Slytherin, evil Death Eaters, unruly professors, and at last the infamous Dark Lord.This is all in an effort to earn your title as Hogwarts Champion. Of course depending on who you are you might work hand in hand with Slytherin, Death Eaters, and the Dark Lord.

Hogwarts Live contains a PvP element. When you are attacked and die in PvP, you only lose gold you had on hand, and 1.5% of your experience. If you attack someone else in PvP, you'll get 12.75% of the experience they had, and any gold they had on hand. If you attack someone else and lose, however, you'll lose 15% of your experience, and you'll lose any gold that you had on hand. If someone else attacks you and they lose, you'll gain the gold they had on hand, and 10.25% of their experience.

You can buy brooms, pets, weapons, and armor and use them in your battles with mythical beasts and the legends of bygone days as well as the present time. You may even duel other students for gold and experience points!...

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