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Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Ichumon™ LLC
In:13458 Rank:777
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Ichumon Description

Ichumon is a virtual pet site for the world. With a combination of RPG Elements and Petsite mechanics, Ichumon is a unique and ever-developing site, bringing fresh and new ideas to the web. Create a pet from Dr Dim and then train it the elusive RPG, hunting for summons and special abilities. There are over 50 unique games, 150+ collectable avatars and 3000+ items! It's Free and constantly updated.


Hatch an egg
To hatch an egg, make sure the Ichumon is your active Ichumon. Once you have done that, you have to earn closeness for your egg to hatch. This can be eartn by a number of ways, including Posting on the Forums and playing Higher Or Lower.

Earning iP
Ichupee (iP) is the most important currency in the world of Ichumon. And there are different and fun ways to earn iP. Including:

1: Playing games: Thats where most of successful players start. Games are iP generators. You could play browser based games, flash games, quests and competitions to earn iP.

2: Random Events: If you're lucky, you can get iP and/or items from a Random Event! Explore the world of Ichua, and you'll see some appear.

3: Restocking: Restocking means that you buy an item from the Mushroom Shops and you sell it to other Ichuians for a profit.

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Ichumon Review/Guide

Ichumon: New User Guide

First, you need to click on the button 'Create'located on the left sidebar. From there, you get a greeting from Dr.Dim, the Ichuian egg keeper. Click on 'Egg types' to choose an egg. Want to know what pets looks like? Simple! Click on 'Fansites'on the left sidebar, and then on 'Ichumon Pet Color Guide' to see all pets and all colors a specific pet can be.

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