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Imperial Hero

Imperial Hero


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Points Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Medieval
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame Advantages Developer:IH Team
In:15109 Rank:662
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Imperial Hero Description

The game Imperial Hero Online takes place in one of the numerous empires in IO Multiverse. Set in the Medieval Ages, there are 3 classes to choose from: Warrior, Ranger and Mystic. Create your character and fulfill your destiny Now!


There are 3 hero classes in the game - Warrior, Ranger and Mystic

The Warrior possesses great strength and significant amount of health. He can equip the heaviest weapons and armor and usually is the first one to engage the enemies in battle, taunting them all to fight with him. The Strength and Vitality are his primary attributes.
The Ranger is the one using all kinds of ranged weapons - bows, crossbows, throwing knives and javelins. He can equip middle-weight armor. Agility and Dexterity are his primary attributes.
The Mystic possesses the power to heal wounds and to buff his allies. He can use only light armor and weapons. A weak fighter, his power is in his mystical abilities. Agility and Intelligence are his primary attributes.

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