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Infinity Blade III


Type:Mobile Games ,Mobile Games, Genre: Adventure
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Infinity Blade III Description

Unlike Infinity Blade or Infinity Blade II, Infinity Blade Dungeons was played by using joystick and button controls which would appear on the screen. Players would have been able to control their character by touching the screen to the desired location. Combat will involve swiping and connecting lines between enemies to perform combo attacks. A dynamic camera will follow the character allowing for zooming in and out along with different camera angles. Players will also explore multiple dungeons as they progress throughout the game.

Infinity Blade III Screenshot

  • Infinity Blade III

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Infinity Blade III Review/Guide

Infinity Blade III Guide: Act 3 The Right Weapon (Isa and Siris)

For this Act, you want to finish using Siris first. Because by defeating Act 3 Siris Boss, you will get Infinity Spear which is very powerful weapo ...

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Infinity Blade III Guide: Act 4 Revelations (Isa and Siris)

If you lose at normal battle, you will get 'retry' option. But if you lose on the boss battle, you will be knocked out from the dungeon and need to restart the act from the beginning. If you don't want to run from the beginning of the act, simply close the apps when you lose against the boss immediately when you die. You will start at the point before you challenge the Boss ...

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Infinity Blade III Guide: Act V Ascensions How to Defeat The Worker

You will use both characters simultaneously on this act. Chest on 5A and 7C are containing very good things (either high-end equipment or a lot of money; I got Hibon Plate and 78.000 Golds). Simply restart the level (dead, etc) to re-obtain the chest ...

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