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Jail Lords


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Points Theme: Crime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame Advantages Developer:Bis
In:12691 Rank:849
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Jail Lords Description

Jail Lords is a browser based crime game. Think you have what it takes to be the strongest inmate in this Prison? These Inmates are some of the worst ill tempered conniving criminal mofos around. They are taking control, the guards are almost as criminal as the inmates, and there are strong gang forces brewing. If you think you have what it takes to be a Jail Lord?



This is the heart of the Jail Lord community. There is the market place you can buy or sell items, cigs. It cost 5% freedom to move to a different area when you are boring. As a jail lord, you can have your own house in the prison. To get out of the hole, you either wait the amount of time given to you, or you bribe the guards. There are various games that you can play to kill some time.

Join a gang and start the gang wars with inmates will be a great fun. Gangs are an integral part of lifestyle in Jail. Gangs are made up of friends and/or strategic partners with a common goal of jail domination. Wars are a way of gaining respect for your gang or showing your dislike for another gang. Wars may end after a few punches are thrown or may lead to a gang death. Wars are a Major part of the game and they will happen a lot. If your gang should happen to be killed in a gang war, rebuild, regroup and come back stronger than ever!

Want to beat on the celebrities? It’s not a dream. You can hit each celebrity once in 24 hours. When you beat a celebrity, you gain various goodies.


The number of cojones you have will determine which crime you can do. As you gain levels, the amount of cojones you have will increase. With bigger crimes, you have less of a chance of success, but the payout will be more money and experience earned. If you have people on your “Enemies List”, there is a chance that they will be framed if you fail a crime. You will not get experience or money from a framed crime, but you will not go into the hole for it. Instead, the enemy will do your time for you.

Training (Workout Yard)

You can bulk up your character to be more competitive in fights. There are 4 things you can train individually, Strength (determines how strong you will hit when attacking), Agility (determines the speed of your attacks), Guard (determines the protection that you have when you are hit) and Labor (allows you to work more hours at your job).

Infirmary/Hole/Jail Bitch Time

- Infirmary: If you are in the infirmary, you will have limited access to areas of the game. You will not be able to train, do crimes, roam the hail, etc.
- The Hole: this is solitary confinement
- Jail Bitches: Want to really piss someone off? Make them a jail bitch. To do this, you have to use a “Jail Bitch” in your locker items on them. While they are in there, you can point and laugh at them and an event will be sent to them showing that you are laughing at them.


Here are the classes that will make things easier for you. The 5 Rehab classes: First Aid, Negotiating, Explosive Handling, Food Science, Art of Deception. Each class will take 14 days to complete and are good for 70 days, once they are finished...

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