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Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Mail.ru
In:48320 Rank:133
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Juggernaut Description

Juggernaut is a free-of-charge, browser based action RPG with unique graphics, engaging 3D-battles and a complex fighting system. The exciting background-story is leading the player directly into a conflict between three hostile factions that have been facing each other in battle for centuries, grappling for land and power. The mightiest warriors of each side are awarded the privilege to wear one of the legendary Juggernaut-Armors which are extremely rare. They enable their owner to fuse in a singular symbiosis with their armor and transform into one of the most powerful heroes of their time. 

The focus of the game clearly lies on fast-paced action and furious fighting. Immediately after starting the game the players can prove their fighting skills in duels amongst each other in the arena, while it was made sure that no one is forced to enter a PvP. With hunting monsters and several elaborate quests there are many alternatives for the players to advance their character and develop his abilities.

In comparison to many other games Juggernaut will be released for all languages on one server for all languages. This will enable players to interact with one another internationally. Of course the display of other language versions may be disabled by the players if they chose to. 

Juggernaut Video

Juggernaut Review/Guide

Juggernaut Guide: Clear Chasm with no Problems

Chasm is the second instance,and this one is much harder than Gloomy Cave.It can be found in Ravage Lands.You can enter it from level 6,but I recommend to make group between 7-8-9 levels.

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