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King of Kungfu

King of Kungfu


Genre:Social Games Status: Final
Time Unit:Point Theme: Martial Arts
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Koramgame
In:14613 Rank:698
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King of Kungfu Description

King of Kungfu is a fun combat game with a rich oriental background and is gaining popularity all over the world on Facebook. Choose your opponent and the combat will be fought automatically.

Distinct weapons and skills will help you to attain your unique Kungfu style. When you are ready, participate in the tournament and compete against other players for the ultimate glory in the realm of martial arts – the King of Kungfu.

How to Play:

1. Combat
Choose the opponent you want to challenge and watch how your fighter performs in combat. You will be rewarded with experience points. Once you level up, you may be rewarded with a new weapon or skill.

2. KOK Tournament
Sign up for the King of Kungfu tournaments and compete with other Kungfu masters. Knock out your opponents along the way to reach the final round. The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with Honor Points and crowned as the King of Kungfu.

3. Treasure Box
Available daily for a pleasant surprise. Check to see if your friends forgot to open theirs because you can claim their bounty as well.


1. Easy to learn
The King of Kungfu is easy to learn, yet difficult to master. Like all good games, it’s easy to find your way around as you nav

2. Nothing is absolute
Be the underdog and challenge more advanced players! The combat system is designed to keep things balanced and take all factors into consideration. A higher level doesn’t guarantee victory. It is more important to be strategic about your choices of weapons and skills.

3. Pets with characters
The pet you adopt will have its own distinct characters. get to know your pet and choose carefully. They are your loyal friend and may prove to be the game winner in close matchups.

4. Dazzling Skills
The game includes 18 passive skills and 10 active skills. New and exciting skills will continue to be released each with its own unique power. Having the right combination of skills will significantly boost your combat experience.

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In King of Kungfu, weapons are almost the most important thing that help you win battles. Here is a list of the weapons you may get in King of Kungfu. Check below.

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