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Knights of Noblemen

Knights of Noblemen


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Medieval
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:VantageGaming.net.
In:7728 Rank:1711
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Knights of Noblemen Description

Knights of Noblemen is a Medieval Battle Browser game. Travel back to medieval England and become a Nobleman! Hire mercenaries and train them into a team of adept warriors, equip them with the most destructive weaponry and take satisfaction in decimating those that would fight against you or your alliance!

The goal of the game is: to have the most Nobility Points among the players. However, you may vary from this goal: having the most mercenaries, having the highest worth, having the most wins, having the most Gold... Anything you like, that keeps the game challenging and fair.


Getting Start

To gain Nobility Points, you need your first mercenary. With the resources you start with, go, from the left menu, to Mercenaries - Buy a mercenary, and buy one of the 6 available mercenaries.

You may name your mercenary. It can be whatever name you like, however do not choose an offensive name for it may hurt other players and you will be corrected.

This mercenary needs equipment. Go to Town - Blacksmith to buy equipment.

Every mercenary can equip different weapons, so check what kind of mercenary you have, before buying a piece of equipment. Of course, using the 'I want to see what items X can use.' option at the top will show you all the equipment you can use with that mercenary at this mercenary's level.

A Rogue can only equip blunt weapons.
A Stavesman can only equip nimble weapons.
An Axeman can only equip helved weapons, however the Buy Level 6+ Axemen can also equip edged weapons.
A Swordsman can only equip edged weapons.
A Mounted mercenary can equip edged or helved weapons.
A Ranged mercenary can only equip missile weapons.

All armor is compatible with whatever mercenary you have.

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