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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Unmarked SRL
In:135202 Rank:36
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MagicDuel Description

Magic Duel is a multiplayer adventure game, you will find here creature fights, amazing places, secret areas, puzzles to solve, alliance collaborative play, a story that changes based on your decisions , magic spells and much much more.... but each feature unlocks as you go deeper in the game and discover them.

Magic Duel
is not like the common 'click to advance' type of pbbg (persistent browser-based games), is not similar to any mmorpg browser game you ever played, so please have an open mind to different gameplay concepts. We greatly value your time therefore the depth and overall play experience level for the active players and at deeper game stages is our main concern. This is a free online mmorpg browser game of strategy, magic and adventure where a new player can defeat an ancient one. The story never gets boring as it changes all the time. New things are added daily, Each player character is unique. Players actualy change the game world based on their decisions and actions.



• No download - Browser game - 2D - Artworks
• Unique gameplay introducing new gaming concepts
• multiplayer story involving real players that actualy change the game world based on their decisions
• Creature fights, fantasy world, weapons, collectible items, magic casting
• Realtime PvP fights, alliances, multiplayer spells, live chat
• Interactive story - choose your destiny!
• Unique combination of  adventure, roleplaying and tactics
• Huge lands to explore in a way you never imagined
• Each character becomes unique based on the player choises and play
• Way of play changes several times as you progress
• Free to play!


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MagicDuel Video

MagicDuel Review/Guide

MagicDuel Guide: Newbie Questions

Although MagicDuel offers deep gameplay and distinctive world setting, not all the players who first joined could understand how the game runs. Here are some basic questions that may help the newbie. It's collected from a thread in the official forum. 

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Magicduel Review: MagicDuel Adventure

This is not an easy game to play, but your efforts will be greatly rewarded once you understand how it works. If you like the social interaction and playing more than a point and click flash animation this might just be the game for you... but careful, it`s highly addictive...

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Magic Duel Guide: Gameplay Stages

After passing the tutorial, it's time to learn more about Magic Duel. This guide is made for a better understanding of the entire gameplay progress...

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