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Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:77.net
In:12087 Rank:943
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Majesty Description

Majesty is a combination of RPG, RSG and AVG. Its background is a fantastic virtual world. With vintage figure modeling, vivid scenes, plus diverse game systems and novel game settings, you’ll start a journey of empires as long as you open the web page. Farming the battlefield and stepping forward, you could be the next conqueror!


The ancient Continent of Stars is mysterious and beautiful. Today, three meteors suddenly fall from the sky simultaneously. Having been sleeping for years, the three emperors slowly open their eyes.

Since then, the three reborn arrogant emperors recreate their empires on the Continent respectively. What kind of storm will break out among Alexander Empire, Roman Empire and Charlemagne Empire? Other covetous hidden influences outside the three states are threatening these three empires. How could they solve it? Maybe, the final results will be in your hands, because you are the white knight to save the world!


PK: The contact battle not only shows own strength but also supports a piece of king's world for brothers and sisters simultaneously.

Siege war: Lead the heroes and army to attack cities and pull out the stronghold, and obtain not only the enemy's city resources but also the military success attracting national attention, the success is the reflection of strength, and is even more the reflection of guarding national territory.

Church war: While joining the church, it not only strengthens own strength but also increases several intimate comrades, in Majesty the church is not only a clique but also a pledge to protect mutually.

World war: Lead the country's people to combat with the enemy state, seize each city's triumphal arch, and expand the territory.

Emperor Alexander led his troops across Europe, Asia and Africa continents, making the ancient Greek civilization wide spread. As the founder of Roman Empire, Julius Caesar is regarded by many historians as an emperor of Roman Empire although with no crown. Emperor Charlemagne controlled the majority part of Europe within his 14-year reign. Later he was recognized Roman Emperor. As time goes by, when these three legendary emperors fall on mysterious Continent of Stars, who is the true dominant of the Continent? Perhaps you could even defeat them!

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Majesty Review/Guide

 Majesty Guide: Novice Strategies for Richer State by Affairs

Affairs in Majesty is the issue we must be faced with. Affairs are foundation for all. Failure to do well in affairs is unable to grow successfully. Often there are many new clever players who upgrade affairs after entering the game before struggling with others in upgrading. Affairs in Majesty are not only the foundation for upgrading, but also they are essential conditions for being wealthy on the part of players.

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Majesty Guide: How to Recruit Legend Heroes

As the saying goes that it is easy to find a thousand soldiers, but hard to find a good hero, to be strong in Majesty world, except for the difference of equip and jewel, another critical item is the hero ...


Majesty Guide: About Slave System

On the Arena, winner makes the rules, and losers live by them! Slaves commonly originate from prisoners of war, residents of the conquered, debtors and criminals. The slave system is a feature of Majesty: through PK, the winner has chance to own the loser as a slave!

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