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Managergames Soccer

Managergames Soccer


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: 3D Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Bigpoint GmbH
In:11191 Rank:1033
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Managergames Soccer Description

managerGAMES sets the standard: 3D-simulated Live-Games in Realtime! In all games at managerGAMES you take the role of a manager and trainer of your team. Take complex tasks and make decisions. Bu thats not all: You are responsibile for the Training, Game setup, and the spiritual support of your players, insurance, merchandise - as well as the stadium setup and other surrounding buildings.


The Pros

The first thing you should do is to recognise your players. You can do this by click into the "The Pros" menu. Diverse player details can be viewed here, starting with names, ages, and salaries up to the motivation of the individual players.

The most important thing for a soccer player is a balanced training plan. Create your own training plan for your team according to your needs and the needs of your players in order to reach optimal results.

Of course, you will have to plan your player positions accordingly as well so that they don't run around the field like a wild bunch. You can take care of that here, as well as setting up the substitute bench. You can also specify the 11 meter and corner ball kickers here. Here it is also possible to name the team captain.

The game attitude such as morale, physical effort, fair play - as well as the influence of the crowd and the ice surface are all part of the strategy. You may also boost performance of your players (doping) or assign them to individual game positions.


Team Management

In order to manage a team you have lots to do. Such as sign contracts with players, set prize for winning games, send your players to trainning camp, make team discussions and so on.



Here you will find the complete stadium area which you can continually expand until you reach the maximum building limit. You have a large complete overview of your stadium area where it is easy to see which buildings are already complete and which are still in the construction phase. These structures guarantee more spectators, more sales and with them more income for your team.

At the beginning, you just have a simple field that surround by forest. It's not easy to make it a modern stadium. But your will find the great fun when it changes day by day in your hand, with one tree planted or the grass that looks better. 


The Stock Market

Besides the normal income that you can find in other soccer manager games, there is also a Stock Market in this game. Here you will find everything about the stock business. On the left you will find your portfolio information. There you have an overview of how many stocks you have and how much they are worth. In the middle you can see the market value of your stocks displayed graphically.


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