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Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Mara Pets Games
In:15941 Rank:612
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Marapets Description

Mara Pets Games is a pet site that has dress up games, where you customize your doll with dress up clothing and accessories, flash games that you can earn points from, web games that you can play and pets that you can care for.



Pets are an important part of the Mara Pets Game. You cannot even play without owning one pet. Each person can own up to 12 pets. Pets on this virtual pet site are just like the pets you would find offline - they are living and need to be cared for. You need to feed your pet when its hungry, give it a drink when its thirsty, put it to sleep in a bed in your house when it is tired, cure it back to health when it is sick, etc. Failing to care for a pet for an extended amount of time is neglect, and the pet could die and go to the Undying Woods graveyard, where it will become a Zombie and any other player can become its new owner.


Dress Up

Once you create an account, you automatically create a Dress Up Doll which is your very own cartoon doll on the game. Your doll will show on your profile, on the forums with other dolls while you chat, on your maramails when you chat to others and in many other community features on the site. You can use the Doll Makers on the site to edit the features of your doll, such as eyes, hair, skin colour, hair colour, etc.



You can explore features with a main map by clicking the links on it. You will be taken to that particular area which has a map of its own.



There are arcade games, puzzle games, card games, casino games, quest games, mission games, sports games, shooting games, luck games, strategy games, dress up games, flash games, web games, kids games, online games, and internet games in Marapets.



Clubs are a way for the users of this virtual pet site with similar interests to group together and make new friends.



The Trading Post is where users of this virtual pet game can trade their items. Trades can have up to 15 items on them and will automatically end after 21 days. Currency Trading is also available and this is the only place you can trade currencies - you can offer all three currencies of MP, RP or BP on any trade.



You can select a pet that is not hungry, sick, tired or with 0HP and click on the Opponent you wish to battle.



The online auctions are processed 24 hours a day. Some auction lots will only allow bids from their Friends or members of their club. If you would like to auction one of the items, go to your Inventory and select an item to auction.

Marapets Video

Marapets Review/Guide

Marapets Review

This is a review made by treesaregreen in dooyoo. Comparing with Neopets (The other pet site), Marapets has some advantages and disadvantages...

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Marapets Guide: Missions

There are many different Missions that you can do. Each Mission has 30 levels for you to complete. Missions are timed so you can fail if you don't complete the Mission on time and if you fail you will have to start over from the beginning again. You can complete the Missions as many times as you like. You can only do one Mission every 12 hours...

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