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Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Mills Online
In:15619 Rank:628
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Millsberry Description

Millsberry is a fun virtual city for you to explore. Users can create a personal avatar and enter the web based world of Millsberry. Avatars are customizable in clothing and facial features only. The choices for facial structure and hair are very limited compared to other virtual worlds, and the clothes that the user begins with are plain. New clothes can be purchased from Millsberry shops. Clothes are sold by season, so clothes that are available in winter will be gone from the shops in sp

Users can play games, decorate a house, learn about nutrition and good eating habits, as well as earn trophies for leveling up their intelligence, health, fitness, and civics. You'll need to make sure he takes care of himself, so you'll need to get food (from the shopping area) and make sure he exercises (by playing games), but you'll also get to go on adventures, solve mysteries and have all kinds of fun while visiting Millsberry!

The object of the game

Millsberry is to take care of your buddy you created. Owners are given Millsbucks to buy food and items.

Every time you sign in to Millsberry, you can choose how to spend your online time. You will be shown the areas your buddy is low in. You need to play games in order to increase your intelligence, your health, and be a contributing member of the community. Play arcade games to earn money to buy food, clothes, toys, furniture, books, even pets!

Decorate the exterior of your home to win prizes. Do things for the community and be named the citizen of the week on the front page of the Millsberry Gazette. Although you are in the town of Millsberry, there really isn't any interaction with the other buddies that live there. Choose for yourself if you want to allow visitors in your home by checking a box. The most communication among buddies is sending preselected jokes through the post office.

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User Review of Millsberry

This is a user submitted review written by our reader Patti McQuillen. It may not be treated as a formal review, but it still points out some of the disadvantages of the Millsberry that developers should notice. Suggestions are also given at the end of the review...

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