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Genre: Casual Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Business
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Future
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Mine Things
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Mine Things Description

Mine Things is a fastest-growing persistent-world PVP browser game of collecting, trading and pirates. There are multiple mine types including weapons, vehicles and explosives. You can trade your items or pillage other players to build wealth of your own.




It's the year 4024. The first humans are back on Earth, having lived on Mars for 2000 years. They escaped the most catastrophic volcano eruption in recorded history: Yellowstone.

Everything is now covered in the thick, silty soil that the eruption left behind. Almost immediately upon arrival, people start to dig.

You are one of these survivors and have been given your own plot of land to mine. You will mine this land night and day, uncovering what ancient civilization has left behind.

Combine your findings for meld points or bring them to the market where you can list your things for sale, bid on new treasure, and purchase more land with new opportunity.

How this works

Step 1: Get Something

The first thing you do when you get an account is to see what your miner bots have mined for you. Click "Findings" and you'll see what it is. Admire it. Sell it if you want.

Step 2: Let The Bots Work

Look around at the things available in the "Mines" page and perhaps introduce yourself to some miners. Your miner bots are working regardless of whether you're watching them, clicking on other things, or even logged out completely.

Step 3: Get Something Again

After several hours, your miner bots will find another thing for you. Your "Findings" link will be highlighted to indicate this. Now you have two things. Sell them for profit or combine them with other things for meld points.

You are just now beginning to build your collection. There are lots of different things to find and you'll see that some of them are worth quite a lot. Good luck!


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Mine Things Review/Guide

MineThings Guide: Beginner's Guide

The first thing you should do is switch your mine to mining gold. The reason for this is that the starter market has a huge amount of excess items. A yellow starter item will normally take a long time to sell, and will only get you 1g, while mining gold will give you 1-4g each time, with no waiting for items to sell. Higher items are worth more then higher gold finds eg. 600g gold find is equivalent to a purple item which would sell for 1500g+, but I believe mining gold is much better at the beginning...

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