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Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Entertainment
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Blouzar Ltd
In:32611 Rank:208
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Miss Bimbo Description

Miss Bimbo- is a virtual 'fashion' game/community. In bimboland you can enjoy a safe fun environment in which to bring up and nurture your beloved bimbo. You can interact, socialise and educate each other on a wealth of female, fashion and bimbo related topics.

Miss Bimbo is a game, an educational tool, a social meeting place and a hot pot of fashion conscious bimboism. Its also completely free to play and enjoy. Most of all it is loving warm community. There are many reasons why players enjoy the site but for simplicity the developer have tried to break it down into a few areas of the game/community.

The first is the main game or goals of Miss Bimbo. This is primarily an individual task although does involve challenging other bimbos. There is an on going and updated storyline progressing throughout the game starting from level 1 and at present through to level 30 ( we also have level 100 planned for the future!!) You must negotiate through a number of levels and missions and thus learn to love and nurture your bimbo. You will soon learn that if you don't feed and nurture your beloved bimbo she will be sick and eventually die. Alternatively look after your bimbo and you will have a happy and healthy bimbo in your lives.

You will also learn about the game, 'nines' the fashion boutique and how to trade in the market, earn bimbo dollars etc. You can explore the town, play games to earn bimbo attitude and challenge other players in one against one fashion contests. Secondly we have the interactive side of Miss Bimbo. There is a leader board for Miss Bimbo players which allows you to climb up and down the league based on your bimbo 'attitude'. Attitude points can be gained (and lost) in many ways eg winning challenges, completing puzzles eg sudoku, mastermind, wordo. You can 'challenge' one another to gain more bimbo attitude and also wage bimbo dollars.

Challenges take place on the catwalk and 2 bimbos face off with the winner being decided on a number of secret factors eg the happiness, heath, fashion sense of their bimbos.There is a weekly bimbo cred leader board that re-sets every Friday. On this leader board bimbos get 'bimbo cred' from other players. The total weekly amount gives us the 3 weekly bimbo cred winners. Bimbo cred winners win bimbo dollars as well as real life T shirts and clothes.

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Miss Bimbo Review/Guide

Miss Bimbo Review: Miss bimbo? MY bimbo!

Missbimbo.com is classed as an online virtual reality social networking game according to the website. You have to be 13 or above to join or have the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Your aim? To become the most famous, beautiful, talented, independent and charming bimbo across the globe...

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