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Mojo Drift


Genre: Casual Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Racing
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Eximion Game Studio
In:11345 Rank:1005
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Mojo Drift Description

Meddle your racing skills against some of the best racers from Nauticz. Use your Mojo to boost your speed, throw items at your opponents and outrun them by sheer skill! Do you have what it takes to become the new rightful owner of the Golden Snail? Unlock new tracks, items and characters in this dive of your life.


Brazzamoo is a big hearted guy which loves to race just for fun. He's good natured and doesn't like really hurting anyone. His smacking tool is his favorite toy: a Teddy Snail.

Oki is the smallest character you can choose, but the biggest cutie by far. She can also be nasty if needs be and she smacks with her Lollypop.

Iza is popular teenaged Nauticz girl, who is quite aware of her good looks. Catching her opponentz off balance, she'll do a serious smacking with her Handbag.

Bozo is a goofy, slightly grumpy army guy who used to be a cook, he hates to be 'bothered'. Therefore he rather smacks at others, making sure they don't bother him, and he can go along his businez.


Mojo Drift features a collection of beautiful race tracks which take you to the Arctic, Jungle and Voodoo region of Nauticz. Each track has its own particular looks and difficulties. Unlock new tracks by winning enough races.

Weapons & items

Winning a race might take more than just top notch steering. Outsmart your opponents using hilarious items. Throw a Blowfishes, Icecubes or Goofballs at your adversaries to knock them out. Anything goes, there's no place for second best! Grab enough Mojo energy on the tracks to do a spectacular speedboost. Your longest speedboost will reward you extra points!Mojo Drift features a range of funny items which makes it stand out from your regular race game. Discover them all!

Ice Cube
Throw one of these icy blocks to freeze your opponent and stop him in his tracks. It takes some time to de-freeze again. This calls for ice cold tactics.

This big bloated fish doesn't mean you any harm, they just can't help themselves because they're so clumsy. Stay at a safe distance, otherwise he might just bash you out of the track!

Voodoo skull
This cursed skull turns into a ghostly death head roaming the tracks. Everyone caught in its path will be cursed for a little while and slow down. The Voodoo Skull is one of the most dreaded items available.

Mojo Drift Video

Mojo Drift Review/Guide

Mojo Drift Review: 3D Browser Game From Kalydo

Ok, the game is not very original but the idea of playing this kind of quality games in your browser is cool. It is simple to control and gives you (as a player) a lot of fun. I am really looking forward to see and play more Kalydo games...

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