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Moshi Monsters


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Mind Candy Ltd.
In:46255 Rank:142
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Moshi Monsters Description

Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play game revolving around virtual pet-raising and social networking. Players can customize their own house, play mini games to earn Rox (currency), explore the game world and make friends.

Users adopt their own Monster and keep it happy by solving daily puzzles that are sent to each player. Monster owners can interact with their pets by tickling them, playing games, shopping, designing their rooms, and shortly by dressing them up. One core element being promoted for Moshi Monsters is the ability to build an emotional bond between the user and their Monster, which is achieved through flash animation and a complex behavioral engine. Monsters develop their own unique personalities depending on how well, or badly, they’ve been treated.

Players can connect and communicate with others through the Friends Tree, visits to other Monster rooms, Monster blogs, Newsfeeds, and a messaging system.

Care for your monster
Every monster needs food and entertainment to keep it healthy and happy, just like anyone else. To buy food and other monster stuff, you need Rox, the currency of Monstro City. Play puzzles by clicking on the puzzle button to the left of your door. The more puzzles you answer correctly, the more Rox you'll earn! You can also play with a monster by tickling it. Take care though - nobody likes being tickled too much..

Rox are the Moshi Monsters equivalent of money. You can see how many you have on the Rox icon to the left of the screen. To spend your Rox, head to the street by clicking on the front door. From here, you can get to all the different shops.

You can get Rox in a few ways. Each day, you can play Challenge Puzzles by clicking the puzzle button in your room. You can only play them once a day, but they're a really good way to get Rox! You can earn more by playing around Monstro City. Flex your fingers in the power station or the flutterby fields and rack up those Rox.

Decorate your house
From your house, click on the chest icon to open up the inventory. You can then drag and drop items in and out of the room. Some items in your room can't be moved or removed, but they can be swapped for new ones. Swappable items include the door, windows, wallpaper and flooring. Dragging a new choice into the room will replace the old one.

Monster's mood
Your monster's mood will change depending on how well you're treating your monster.

Monster's health and happiness
Your health and happiness show how your monster is feeling. To keep your monster healthy, you need to feed it. Different foods have different affects on your monster, so remember to try them all and watch your health meter!

Keeping your monster happy is a key part of caring for it. Your monster will become happier when you buy it stuff from the shops as well as when you feed it. It'll also become really happy if you do well on a puzzle game. You can improve your monster's mood by tickling it too!

Remember to visit your monster often to keep its health and happiness high. Otherwise, it might become grumpy or even a little ill.

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Moshi Monsters Review/Guide

Moshi Monsters Review

The main goal in Moshi Monsters is to keep your monster well fed and entertained. There are several indicators to track your monster's status; Mood, Health, and Happiness. The best way to care for your monster is to feed it and play mini games regularly. New players will start out in their own home which can be customized to a great degree. New wall papers and furniture can be purchased at the 'Yukea' store. The game currency in Moshi Monsters is 'Rox' which is earned by playing mini games...

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