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Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Furry-Paws.com
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Mweor Description

Mweor is a game which allows you to raise, care for, spar with, and breed mweors, cat-like felines which come in various species.

Free to play, Mweor currently has four species of mweor available (with more yet to be discovered!), 30+ different markings, 40+ equippable items, and a healthy roleplay community.

Care for your Mweors or they will be unhappy

Remembered to feed, water, and play with your mweor. You can feed and water your mweor from your cattery page. To make your mweor happy, You have to give it a toy by equipping it from your inventory. You play with it by going onto the mweor's page and clicking on the 'items' tab under your kitty's picture, and clicking "Play" .

Breed your Mweors

You can breed all mweors starting at two years old. Females stay pregnant for a full year (4 days real-time), and have to wait nine months to breed again. Males can breed as many times as you want. Essentially, you can breed as many times as you want to, providing you have enough mweors in your cattery to do so.


Have a preview of your Mweors by using a custom generator

The custom generator is for you to look at mweors that you could create if you had a statue. The custom generator does NOT create a new mweor. It is simply there to play with.


Genetics come into play on Mweor

Basically, you're dealing with markings and growths here. The strength (opacity) of a marking depends on the strength of that marking in each parent. If it's 100% on the same marking with both parents, you'll have 100% in the kitten. However, this number can vary by up to 10% either way. So, for example, if you breed two mweors with a marking that is at 80%, the kitten can have a marking strength between 70% and 90% for that marking.

Any marking/growth with an aa below it means that it is recessive, thus harder to pass down to the kitten because if you breed a mweor with a recessive trait to a mweor that isn't a carrier of that trait or doesn't have that trait, the kitten will not visibly display the trait, but will be a carrier. A recessive marking/growth must have an 'aa' allele in order to be visible. For a recessive marking, Aa indicates that the mweor is a carrier of the marking/growth. If both parents are carriers, the kitten has a 25% chance to have the marking show up and a 50% chance to be a carrier.

The AA is also an allele pair which works similar to real life genetics. So if a marking isn't recessive and the mweor has AA for the marking, their offspring are guaranteed to get that marking, regardless of if the other mweor bred to has the marking or not. If the mweor has Aa for the marking, their offspring has a 50% chance to get the marking if the other parent doesn't have it.

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