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Genre: Strategy Status: Alpha
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Koramgame
In:15002 Rank:583
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Mythopolis Description

Mythopolis is a Browser MMORPG where players immerse themselves in the mystic legends of the ancient Greek. The game is featuring more realistic combat action and intricately designed heroes, military bases and camps. You can test your strategy, ingenuity, and power here, be conquered or not, that’s depending on you, just join us and experience more here!

In Mythopolis, a leader’s army is commanded by a hired hero, a powerful mercenary selling their services to the highest bidder. But a leader with a prosperous city and a high enough reputation will be able to earn the favor of certain gods, and even call back legendary heroes from the Elysian Fields in the Underworld. An army’s soldiers can ride confidently into battle with a general like Ulysses, Hercules, or Athena leading the charge!

Heroes in Mythopolis can also train and compete in the Stadium, where they can set aside their current alliances and challenge heroes all over in fearsome duels, matching strength and wits with the greatest warriors to have ever lived.

The Zodiacs

The Zodiacs are a group of gangs and ruffians who profit from the war by taking advantage of those weakened or otherwise incapacitated by battle. Armed and aided by the mysteriously powerful Zodiac Tokens, they’re indiscriminate about whose cities they ransack and destroy. Only a city’s hero or trained army is strong enough to defeat them, and the Zodiac Tokens they collect can enhance a city’s troops and construction workers.


Mythopolis is fully integrated with Facebook, making it easily accessible for players, and allowing them to share their feats and accomplishments with friends. Friends can form alliances with each other, challenge their heroes in Stadium duels, or attempt to completely demolish each others’ cities and pillage their land.

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