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Ninja Manager


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Anime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Medieval
Fee: Free Developer:Masashi Kishimoto
In:39955 Rank:160
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Ninja Manager Description

In a world filled with war and hatred, the five ninja villages continue to fight for territory and fame. But what the world is about to face next... is something only you can handle. Select your difficulty mode, choose the village you will serve under, and then pick one of the many promising young ninjas this world has to offer.


You will almost immediately be thrown into a battle! There are a lot of numbers popping up, and some of them might need further explanation. But first, you must understand the basics of NinjaManager. This is a manager type game which means you coach or lead a team to success. You don't actually take part in battles per se, you plan a team beforehand and equip them with items and abilities which will help them win battles. All battles are automatically played. Your stats are compared to the opponent's, and the one with the best stats wins. It's more complex than that, but at least you know the basics now.

My Team, lineup

in the blue navigation bar. Here you can change your current lineup, get a quick look at all your ninjas, see what combos are possible by testing different ninjas on the lineup and also see how much chakra your team has. This section is rather self-explanatory, you basically drag ninjas form the list on the bottom and drop them on the empty slots, then click [Update Team], but let's go through each area thoroughly

World Map 

Navigate the World Map by clicking the rectangular boxes with text! All of these rectangular boxes have icons next to them. Here's a brief description of these icons, separated in to two groups; pins (when travelling on the world map) and mission icons (when travelling in battle zones).

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Ninja Manager Guides: Rough Walkthrough

Below is a guide in the official forum made by Chaos0830 which is also a rough walkthrough to the game. The author lists out the things he had done in Ninja Manager from very beginning to the final boss. And also with some tips... More

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