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Ninja United


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Points Theme: Martial Arts
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Ancient World
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:NinjaUnited.com
In:13150 Rank:787
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Ninja United Description

NinjaUnited is a web based MMORPG game and proceeds as these things usually do in the ninja world. You, a ninja with full of spunk and carrying an entry-level ninja ability, were born in a ninja village with many quests to fulfill your way as a ninja (shinobi).

You start in your quaint little ninja village, where many ninja try to find their ninja path by fulfilling their missions. Assassination, Sabotage, and Espionage are just a slight actions you may take part as a ninja. You may train yourself to improve your ninja skills and gain a better ninja rank in your village, assassinate other ninja, accomplish many secret missions, damage other village's infrastructure, do the Coup d'Eta, moreover you may wind up saving your village and ultimately you may be the village leader with the highest rank among all ninja.

Your start

You were born in a village among the three great ninja villages randomly. As a righteous ninja, you have to serve and build your own village to be the best one among the other villages. You also have to fulfill your ninja way by accomplishing many missions including the secret missions, assassinating, sabotaging, being an espionage, fighting other ninja, and more over arranging a Coup d'Eta.

Ninja villages

You were born in a ninja village randomly, and you are able to do many actions a ninja should accomplish. Among all, there are three ninja villages; they are Umi Village (Water Village), Mori Village (Forest Village), and Taiyou Village (Sun Village). Every village's development depends on the ninja within it.

Kage - the leader within a village

Every ninja village has its own leader that so called Kage. Not just a leader, a Kage is the highest ninja rank in a village, with the best ability among all ninja in a village. You too, are able to be the Kage as you train and gain experiences to be the greatest ninja in your village.

As a leader, a Kage has the task to straighten the jutsu mastery that affects the development of jutsu mastery on the village he rules. Moreover, a Kage is the mastermind of every Sabotage plan. You can unify with other ninja from your village as a sabotage team, and with the guidance of the Kage you may sabotage other villages and destroy its infrastructure parts.

Jutsu and Jutsu Academy

Many ninja were born in every village and they may learn many Jutsu (ninja's ability) from each village's Jutsu Academies. The Jutsu is classified into three main groups, they are ninjutsu (the special martial arts practiced by ninja like delusion and mystique techniques), bujutsu (the martial arts technique using a weapon to attack the foes), and taijutsu (the body skill technique). You may strengthen all the jutsu categories or just a single category and this affects your village's jutsu development.


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