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Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Space
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Future
Fee: Developer:Gameforge AG
In:31589 Rank:223
90 votes


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Ogame Description

OGame is a game of intergalactic conquest. You start out with just one undeveloped world and turn that into a mighty empire able to defend your hard earned colonies. Create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for the next greatest technological achievements.

Each player starts with one randomly assigned planet in any slot,system, and galaxy, the first planet has always 163 fields, regardless of the slot in the player's system. The player's empire can consist of up to 9 planets. All construction, research, and missions are performed and launched from a planet or moon. Development is done through using the five resources: metal, crystal, deuterium, energy and dark matter. There are different ways to obtain these resources, including mining and trading. Players are ranked according to their points, one point is awarded for every one thousand resource units spent, likewise one point is taken away for every one thousand resource units lost.

Unlike many other real-time strategy games, OGame does not give the player constant control of his or her spacecraft. Instead, the player tells the ship(s) where to fly (using the game's coordinate system) and what to do when they get there. In OGame, combat is resolved when fleets and/or defenses meet. The combat takes place instantly and consists of 1 to 6 rounds. Fleet attacks are usually aimed to steal player's resources. Defenses are built to oppose an enemy fleet attacking one's planet.

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Ogame Video

Ogame Review/Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Ogame

Ogame is a old but still fun game. It has a large number of players. Most of the concept is simple, but there are still something a newbie need to know...More

Ogame Tools

A tool similar to SpeedSim, but available online, not as a download. This has the advantage that you can use it when not playing OGame in your home, without the need to install software; all that is necessary is to browse to the website and fill in (or paste) the fleet sizes, technologies and resources. Additionally, the combat results sometimes vary between SpeedSim and DragoSim, so in some cases it may be advisable to check both...More

OGame Review

Generally, how often you get attacked depends on your rank in the universe. The higher ranked you are, the more often you'll be attacked by the hardcore and elite OGamers. This is because the game uses "noob protection", which gives new players a blanket of security by not letting people with more then 5x their score attack them. Though this is a good idea, the game drops it once you reach...More

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