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Ondarun 2


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Racing
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Ondarun2.com
In:16620 Rank:415
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Ondarun 2 Description

Ondarun 2 is the new version of the most popular car racing team management in browser game. It allows you to enter a huge international, multiplayer and free competition. Will you become one of the great champions of Ondarun?

You will be the owner of cars that you'll find in your garage, as well as your parts, drivers that you'll find in your office, a technical team and a racetrack in which your supporters will be glad to attend exciting races.

There are three leagues : a French one, a German one and an English one.

From the beginning, you are set in a league and a division designated by a level and a number. For example DIII-2 means division 3 pool 2. There is, in each league: 1 championship, 4 divisions II, 16 divisions III, 64 divisions IV, 256 divisions V and 1024 divisions VI. There is also: 2 world divisions and 1 world championship accessible to the best of each league.

Your objective is to climb up the levels and perhaps, one day, win the English championship or the World Championship. You'll then have to try to purchase a performance car and an experienced driver to achieve your goals.

The money of this game is the CR (Credit Runner). It will allow you to purchase cars, mechanical parts, drivers, invest in your technical team and increase the size of your racetrack. It is impossible to have a negative CR account. You can track your transactions thanks to the accounting page which keeps record of all operations.

Ondarun 2 Video

Ondarun 2 Review/Guide

Ondarun 2 Guide: First Step

This is a guide trying to teach the newbie some basic information about Ondarun2. Although it looks quite scattered, it surely will help the beginners to know how the game works better...

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