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Pirate Corruption


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Point Theme: Pirates
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Medieval
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:DS Productions
In:10046 Rank:1238
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Pirate Corruption Description

Pirate Corruption is a free MMORPG for 'the people' and practically created by 'the people'. Our vastly expanding game means that anyone and everyone can have their say in what they'd like to see in up coming updates. Just let the friendly staff know of your suggestions.

Ahoy bucko, sail the vast oceans and become a legitimate privateer for the trading companies and hauling cargo across the world to earn some booty. Plunder and pillage along the route depriving others of priceless treasures feeding them to the fishes. The adventure is what you make it and most importantly what you discover along the way with a depth of hidden content to reveal. Fair winds me hearty, jump in now and become the fiercest pirate who ruled the waves or the greatest admiral or merchant of all time!

Basic Gameplay

Well First of all there is your personal character which you can build up with lots of items and increase the stats and wealth of this character by earning lots of lovely gold!

Another aspect is that of your sailing vessel, in that travelling between ports takes time especially in a humble dinghy. Therefore it is advantageous to upgrade your ship to firstly a bigger class of ship and then spend money upgrading its masts for speed and its hull for increased cargo capacity.


Obviously you will notice (I hope) in the top of the header is what we like to call Trade Goods/Items which as you might notice if you hover over them have an export and an import price. So for those of you astute business people you will see there could be some initial profit to be made from buying from one location at a lower price and transporting the goods on your ship to another location and selling them for a higher price! (Bigger ship more hull space, more cargo, more cargo, more goods, more goods, more profit!, Happy Days)


Okay, so you’re becoming Mr Big shot and trading cargo around is just not for you anymore. So why not open a company!

So what does this entail then? Well you will become the manager of your company and by implication this means you will need to recruit other players to work for you. Allocating them into either supplier or labourers. The point of the supplier is to collect the required goods from where you tell them too. Then deliver the goods back to the companies location and the labourers are to make the goods into a product. The products will then be sold automatically at the end of the day. Depending on the price, advertising and efficiently and number of goods available for sale your company will receive profit. But being a manager is an intensive amount of work to get the right balance of success.

Company Shareholder

So you would prefer to use your wealth to buy up shares in other managers companies and take a cut of their profits each day? (dividends). Well this is definitely the easy more relaxed way to go but beware there could be a number of shareholder votes called to change certain provisions of the companies like the inefficient manager or even his salary or more importantly the dividend percentage of company profits you will receive each day!

Maybe Business is not for you? Well try politics then!


In each port there are 6 offices available for election into office. Each office comes with a substantial daily salary for holding that office. Unfortunately there is an application cost in order to run for office which could make it an expensive race to be in. However, some offices are clearly better than others as some offices come with unique powers which can be exercised within that port only.

It is possible to gain success of winning an office by bribing the electorate to vote for you, but having the highest level is usually the most respect way to win an election. What you do with your office powers is up to you. Be corrupt and pillage the city treasury or throw criminals into jail totally up to you! Fleet Positions

Do you have a more violent approach and more traditional approach to being a pirate? Well why not try your hand at running the most fearsome fleet to sail the waves attacking all users in your path and plundering their ships cargo and personal wealth. Ruling over other fleets and going to war and demanding tribute to end the bloody war or your enemies will be spending significant amounts of time in hospital!

The choice is yours

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