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Pirates Love Daisies

Pirates Love Daisies


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pirates
Graphics: 2D Period: Medieval
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:gskinner.com
In:10009 Rank:891
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Pirates Love Daisies Description

Developed entirely in HTML5, Pirates Love Daisies works on all modern browsers and sets a new standard for the highly addictive genre. The player positions pirates - each with different skills, ranges of weapons, and weaknesses - at strategic positions around a sandy landscape, and leaves them to destroy every wicked octopus, crab, rat and seagull in their path.

Davy Jones is sending his scurvy minions to steal your most valuable possessions: your daisies! Only your stalwart crew can stop them before they take all your fragrant flowers to the murky depths.

Hire new crew members and place them strategically to prevent the creeps from nabbing your daisies and returning to the water from whence they came.

You get gold for every creep you defeat. Use it to upgrade your crew members with new equipment to make them stronger, faster, and piratey-er.

Earn bonus points for keeping all your daisies saving more gold, defeating creeps faster and advancing waves early. Rack up a high score & submit it to the we3ekly leaderboard.

There are five crews: Inigo, Billy, Lenny, Scarlett and the captain. Earch crew member has their own strengths. Use the right combinations to take down the toughest creeps. But remember there guys don’t work for free.

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