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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Planetarium Games
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Planetarium Manager Description

Planetarium Manager is a free online football management game. You're a football manager in control of your own team, competing in a fantasy league against other human managers or computer-controlled teams.The game never ends and never stops. It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can login and check on your team whenever you want, and the game will keep on running even after you log off.

Planetarium Manager is available today in 60 different countries and 28 languages. And we plan to keep on expanding as necessary in the future. If your country or language is still not available, just contact us.

The objective of the game is different from manager to manager. It can be to have one or more players in a national team, to aim for league or cup glory, or simply to achieve stability by raising and training your players properly. You define your own objectives. However, we can say Planetarium Manager is all about starting from the very bottom and achieving planetarium success.

It's your choice… are you ready to embrace this challenge and become the best manager in the Planet?


There are some initial strategies you can use to approach the game. Please bear in mind that these strategies were used and set by some successful managers and might not be the only ways to approach the game once you start. Use them wisely and at your own responsibility!

It will also be wise to discuss the following approaches with your mentor. Hopefully he'll be able to let you know something more about the approach he used so that you can choose your own with some more knowledge.

Academy / Training

This strategy consists in saving all your funds in order to improve your youth academy. Don't buy any players, just keep saving money until you have a top class academy. Once you have the World Class academy you can start promoting players from it. You should also know that it's not guaranteed that all players you pull from a World Class academy will be top-class. You'll be required to have a lot of patient until you have a full squad with high potential players.

As you can see this is a long term strategy and you'll have to waste your initial 3/4 seasons in order to start pulling some decent players from your academy. Be patient with all the negative results you'll probably find along your path! The reward is that, hopefully, at the end, you'll have a team made up almost exclusively of young players full of potential that will help your team go up in the PM divisions system as they grow!

Training + Transfer Market

This is a combined strategy. You'll have to scout the market in order to find young, cheap players with significant potential in order to train them for a couple of seasons and then sell them at higher prices just to re-start the process with other players. This process is known as season-trading!

You can then use the money you earn to improve your squad with experienced and established players, or even with better potential players in order to train them faster and earn money faster.

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