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Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Wild Shadow Studio
In:7506 Rank:1777
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Realm of the Mad God Description

Realm of the Mad God is a massive multiplayer browser game created by Wild Shadow Studios in partnership with Spry Fox, two independent developers. It has been in public beta since January 2010 and “officially” launched on June 20, 2011.

David Edery of Spry Fox calls it a "massively cooperative bullet hell shooter".

The game has an evil mad god in each server, requiring groups of players to work together to kill.

There are 13 classes. You start as a wizard, then are able to play additional classes as you reach a certain level in the previous classes. Central to the design of the game is the fact that death is permanent. Upon death, your character and all equipment is permanently lost. Only items stored in the player's vault are kept. Upon death, each character is rewarded with fame based on how well they performed. Fame acts as both a scoring mechanism and a currency, as a limited number of bonus items can be bought with fame, including a one time use resurrection item which is the currently the only way to keep your character after death. It is however so expensive that most players will have to play through a hundred characters before being able to afford one, as the cost is upwards of 11,500 Fame(used to be 12,000 Fame).

The game is free to play (all classes, levels, armor, weapons, dungeons), and gives players one free character slot and one free vault chest. Additional vault chests and character slots can be purchased with real world money, as can various decorative items, including pets. No weapons, armor or other character enhancing equipment can be bought for real world money though, giving paying players only a very limited advantage.

Monsters give experience points when killed. These points are duplicated for every player nearby, regardless if they participated in the attack at all. The design principle is that people should welcome others instead of limiting or shunning them.

This game is written in Flash, and also available in the Google Chrome Web Store.

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Realm of the Mad God Review/Guide


Realm of the Mad God Review by Beau Hindman

In the past, I've made a few attempts at trying Realm of the Mad God, a "co-op fantasy MMO shooter" by Wild Shadow Studios. But I've been unsuccessful primarily because I couldn't find a way to get past the seemingly repetitive gameplay

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