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Realty Agent Game

Realty Agent Game


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Real-time Theme: Business
Graphics: 2D Period: Pre
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:realtyagentgame
In:7953 Rank:1610
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Realty Agent Game Description

Would you like to become a virtual real estate agent. Compete with other virtual realtors in this truely unique online experience. Buy in low, sell out high the real estate agent's code. Experience real time market fluctuations and act upon them at the right time to earn real cash.

Virtual City is a prosperous place and there are a great number of places the virtual citizens like to live. Many of our citizens choose to live in apartments complexes and this makes for great investment opportunities for you. The city operates on 'real-time' but a single day can account for years of Virtual City time -- so things move fast.


The real estate market here changes quickly. Some apartment complexes are gaining in popularity are others falling so tenants tend to change with the trend. To make real money profit simplify purchasing one of these fine apartments that tenants are flocking to move into, or that the popularity of the apartment improves, its living conditions, or any other of our economic variables.


Buying low and selling high is the key to success! The city in Realty Agent Game is purely a peer to peer system so you are competing only with other online players!


The site offers both REAL MONEY and PLAY MONEY modes of game play. If you choose to play for REAL MONEY then you will have to make a deposit ($10) in order to purchase your first property. This can be done quickly and your Virtual Dollars will show up instantly in your account. Withdraws are handled much in the same way. You can request a withdraw at any time and you will receive your payout within 24-48 hours of the request.

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