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Rise & Ruin


Genre: Card Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Magic
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Ascendance ProdCo Inc
In:11573 Rank:887
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Rise & Ruin Description

Rise & Ruin is an entirely new twist on the trading card game (TCG) genre. Players level up their own ideal avatar while assembling decks from an ever-growing pool of powerful attack, defense, magic, and specialty cards. Thrilling, cinematic 3D battles take place directly in a web browser allowing for fast and accessible game play.


New features will be added to R&R over the coming months. But rather than wait until it's all in place, we'll be releasing content as it's completed. The following is in the game right now:


Train your ideal avatar from to increase your strength in battle
Build your deck from a growing pool of powerful attack and defense cards
Experience thrilling and cinematic graphical battle sequences from an extensive library of original, motion-captured, combat animations. Worth the price of admission alone.
Challenge your friends and win prizes through organized tournaments
Wheel-and-deal in the in-game trading system

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Rise & Ruin Review/Guide

Rise & Ruin Story: A Day in R&R

You are a Keldei warrior. You are tall, and covered in longish glistening fur. Your head and facial features are reminiscent of a lynx with bear features. Your ears point up to the sky. Your fur rustles with the wind. Its soft appearance is deceiving; hiding a strong chest, biceps like stone, and several scars.

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Rise & Ruin Guide: Strategy

This is a strategy guide, or strategy tips more like, for the 3D online trading card game Rise & Ruin.

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