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Sengoku Providence

Sengoku Providence


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Nutaku
In:2453 Rank:4330
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Sengoku Providence Description

A new and easy to play original Action Game.

Story Mode

Since the discovery of gems, the way the world worked, normally ruled by men, changed. These gems can increase women strength ten times and draw out their potential.
You are a samurai that travel around Japan with your Sister Ruri because your father said you have to prove yourself and get some merits. You are also broke.


The campaign has 3 story lines, each with 13 chapters. Completing each story line will unlock the next difficulty level and there are two additional difficulty levels: Hard and Hell.


You use Magatama to draw in gacha with the chance to receive 1* to 5* Senki, or upgrade materials. To draw Gacha you can use either free or paid magatama. There are three types of Gacha available: limited, normal and free.

Evolution / Godification

Each Senki (even the low level ones) can be evolved, and the 5* Senki can be godified too. Godification requires other Senki usually non-human Senki and specific Luck values for those Senki.


You can choose between Auto Battle and Regular Battle modes according to your style of play and the strength of enemies.
At any point in time there might be several Events available. Events will drop a 4* or 5* Senki needed for the godification of 5* Senki dropped from Gacha.

Events will be repeated all the time and usually take 1 or 2 days.

Total War

Total War is a series of continuous battles that are unlocked after you finish chapter 7 of any of the story lines. It's recommended that you have high level 6* Senki before you begin this series of fights.

Guild Wars (GvG)

Once you finish chapter 7 of any of the story lines you also unlock guilds and guild wars. You can join and create your own guild and set its settings: manual or auto approval; casual or hard-core players.
During each day there are 4 hours in which you can perform GvG actions: attack, support or pray. Each action earns points and based on the points earned at the end of the day you receive medals that can be exchanged to unique Senki.

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