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Genre:Social Games Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Entertainment
Graphics: 2D Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:Playdom,Inc.
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Sorority Life Description

Live the fabulous life: fabulous fashion, fabulous friends and fabulous parties! Create the perfect look for your avatar. Hit the mall for the latest fashions. And get a job to pay off your shopping obsession. Next stop: campus’ nonstop social scene. Need some R&R? Hop over to the spa or take a spring break Caribbean cruise.


Sorority Life is a classic role-playing game: You, the player, are a sister who is working her way through the social ranks in order to be the queen bee of the biggest and strongest house. This lofty goal is achieved by gaining influence, attacking your rivals, and collecting clothes and accessories. Popularity, cash, stamina, and charm all contribute to your overall influence level. To real-life sorority girls (present or former), this might sound creepily familiar, a nauseating interpretation of the Greek scene's more unpleasant nuances. Which it is.

To start, you pick your name, dress up your avatar, and invite your Facebook friends to "join your house." Your house, however, is not so much a standalone entity as it a euphemism for your network - if you accept five invites to join five players' houses, than you are now a member of five houses (which so would not fly with Panhell). The bigger your house/network, the more "influence" you have. But until you build up your numbers, will you start out a total loser, as I did.


Fear not! You lose the metaphorical baby fat as your house gets bigger. As the strength of your house increases, you'll begin to have more opportunities to increase your charm. Additionally, you can cop to being a plebe and get a job, which leads to more cash.

Obviously, working in the imaginary cafeteria would cause imaginary humiliation. But you can work your way up to other gigs. You can also organize social events to help raise your influence. As you ascend through the levels of gameplay, these social events begin to take the form of games reminiscent of Bejeweled — or in the case of the costume party I "organized," something out of a beer-stained issue of Highlights.


With more cash, you can "buy" better clothes and other trappings called "Glam" - clothes, handbags, cars, iPhones, lipsticks - to help increase your charm and influence.

You can even buy a boyfriend. Obviously, I bought myself two (no slut-shaming on this campus). Meet Serge and Fletcher. Serge is better in bed, but Fletcher's house has the best date parties.


Earning enough cash or brownie points to make power-enhancing purchases takes awhile - Quarles refers to this method of advancing as "grinding." But there's a more efficient way to advance, if you're ready to pull out your real-life credit card. That's when things get easier: A player can actually use real money to buy points and glam.

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Sorority Life Guide: Some Cheats and Tips

Sorority life is a Facebook or MySpace game that plays very similar to Mafia Wars, but in Sorority life you play as a sister in a college sorority house, not a street thug. Many of the strategies of the game will be the same as in Mafia Wars. Everybody wants to build a strong character that will win lots of fights, have tons of glam and level up fast. ...

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