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Street Crime


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Crime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Bytewire Ltd
In:17536 Rank:545
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Street Crime Description

Street Crime is an exciting and extremely addictive gangster Mmorpg role playing game. Work your way up to a world renowned Godfather battling for dominance and survival with hundreds of other gangsters. Power, money, casinos, violence and greed play huge roles in your journey through Street Crime. Gamble at the casinos, pimp your prostitutes and traffic drugs. Will you become the most reknown gangster in Street Crime!? Will you take respect or earn it? So what the hell are you waiting for!?<


Rise up the ranks from low life Thug to Godfather.

There are 13 ranks including the all illusive rank of Godfather, only the best of gangsters make it to Godfather. As you increase ranks you unlock new sections of the game allowing you to immerse yourself in organised crimes which involves five gangsters working together.


Grow your own weed plantation and deal drugs.

Every gangster needs a way to make money. One of the best ways to do this is to trade and grow drugs. A gangster with lots of money is respected by his fellow gangsters.

There are two ways to do this on Street Crime. The first is to buy drugs in a city, fly to another city and then sell the drugs. Each city has their drugs at a different price therefore giving you potential to make a profit. The second method is to buy a Weed Plantation which gives you the opportunity to grow and sell your own drugs.


Be the ultimate pimp, own and upgrade your brothel.

A great way to make some consistent money as a gangster is to send out your girls. Creating a profitable brothel can take some hard work and money, but once setup its a consistent source of income.

As a new gangster its important to build up your pimping experience as this unlocks new locations to send your prostitutes out to. When you first start you will only have the option of Street Corner or Truck Stop. As you progress by doing pimping crimes you unlock new locations such as Downtown. The new locations give out more earnings, get pimping now!


Run a successful Casino or Gamble your hard earned cash.

Being a gangster involves lots back street and underhand activities. Street Crime mimics this by allowing players to own and gamble at casino tables. There are 6 types of casino available to own and play within Street Crime. See the right panel for the casino types available.

Within Street Crime there is currently 8 different cities across the world including London, Bogota and Las Vegas. Each of these cities has a casino of each type. The owner of the casino sets the maximum bet for the casino, you as a player can gamble up to this amount. Think you can play the owner broke?

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