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Street Mobster


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Points Theme: Crime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:XS Software
In:22221 Rank:369
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Street Mobster Description

The old mobs are down for good. Now it's time for You to play your own game - to get money and respect - to take what's yours. Prove you have the guts to get it to the end. Get your kickass gang and rule the streets for another three months. IT IS TIME FOR YOUR VENDETTA!


How to start?
When you start the game you have $1000. The best thing you can do with this cash is to study or train. The Fitness is the place where you can quickly gain strength. When you gain strength you increase your attack - the ability to fight others. Studying in the School gains intellect that also increases your attack. When you take lessons or train in the fitness you will have a little more attack just enough to beat the smallest things on your street like the postman.

It's crusial to have stamina always! In order to do anything in the game you need stamina. In order to have energy you have to drink something from any Bar (coffee is recommended) and it is well if it is not too expensive, so look around the Bars and find the best place for you. The best coffee (and goods as a whole) is that with low or none toxic level, because otherwise you will intoxicate yourself and will go to hospital. If you have too high toxic level you will have to drink more coffees (or other stuff) in order to refill your stamina so it's a good idea to go to the Hospital and detoxicate yourself.


If the game has just started, it is very crucial to find the vending machine . Usually it can be found on anybody's street at the top right corner. You can drink coffee from there which despite the fact that it's a bit more expensive, you can afford it if your attack is more than 100 and you rob the mobile phone of the skater. You can go to other streets by clicking to someone's name (you will go to their street that way) or by using the arrows at the ends of the street. If you are in jail or hospital you can't go anywhere. You can check if you are in jail or hospital, at the bottom left corner in the webpage. If the sign is ОК / Free this means that everything is ok.


Growing (crimes, money, risk and attack)
When you enter your street or somebody's else, look around all the crimes there. Look how much money, strength and intellect you can take from them and don’t forget the risk. The more risky the crimes are, the faster you’ll be encaged. Always look for the new crimes that appear on your street, but don’t forget to have a peek in the streets of the players that are above you. It is recommended to look at streets of players who have close to your respect or not much above it in order to commit crimes that you don’t have on your street and you have enough attack to commit. It’s a good idea to look for activities that are with negative risk (much appropriate for people that don’t have credits).


Skills & Arms
At the beginning it’s recommended not to perform fights with other players because you are too weak and even if you win a fight you wouldn’t gain as much as you would on your street. The skills that are the best for beginners are Weasel (this skill allows you to be caught by the police at higher risk) and Driver (with this skill the risk you have decreases with a higher step). In order to have the driver skill it’s obligatory to have a vehicle. In the beginning you could just buy a cheap one with small expenses.

Use your money mainly to refill your stamina and to visit the fitness and the school. When you gain enough money you could pay attention to the Trade and the Black Market where you could make business with all kinds of goods.

Last but not least – don’t forget that you are playing with real people and anything is possible.

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