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Genre: Casual Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: PvP Fighting
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Vile Gaming
In:181380 Rank:20
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Strife Description

Strife is a game where players manage several teams and pit those teams against other teams on the battlefield. Each unit in a team can be customized.


The idea behind the game was inspired behind the famous MyBrute.com, but takes a different approach. Players can swap in and out units of a team, upgrade an individual units' equipment, and even manage multiple teams. These teams can be composed of units from any race in the SC franchise. For example, you could pit a team of zerglings against a 2 unit team of a marine and a zealot. The best part is the game only requires 5-10 minutes a day to play at the very least, though the more dedicated players will spend maybe double or triple that.


Game Art
The Strife is designed and developed by Kris Sauquillo, with the artistic talent of Chris Sauquillo. Although it's totally text-based right now in beta stage, all the units will be drawn out when the final version comes.


Coming Features
This StarCraft-themed game is now in its public beta. There are still lots of features is about to be added into the game. Accord to the developer:

Here is what else to expect to be added in the coming weeks during the beta..
- Multiple daily tournaments.
- Auction house (both teams/units).
- More units, and their accompanying classes.
- Damage types (normal/concussive/explosive).
- Splash damage.

And what is being withheld until the final version..
- Fully animated battles that can be watched.
- Seasons (3 months long) to keep the standings fresh.

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