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Super Hero Squad Online


Genre: Community Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Anime
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:The Amazing Society
In:43314 Rank:150
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Super Hero Squad Online Description

Super Hero Squad Online is your chance to fly a mile in the boots of Marvel's greatest heroes. Team up with friends in exhilarating combat, show off your collection in our interactive world, collect thousands of items and explore awesome environments based on over 70 years of Marvel comics and movies.


Controlling the character is so easy that even a four year old could do it. Almost everything is done with the mouse - walking and fighting are all done by pointing and clicking. There is no player-controlled flying in the game, but instead there are special launch points. Each launch point is highlighted so that any character who has the ability to fly or travel through the air just clicks on the launch pad and they are automatically sent to a preset location on the map. I think it blows that you can't actually fly where you want, when you want, but I guess this game isn't tailored to gamers such as myself.


Walking is as simple as clicking and holding the mouse button down, and when you let go you stop; it's extremely easy. The combat in the game is just as simple. You point and click on enemies, and if you deal enough damage to your opponent then you eventually gain enough power for a Super Attack. This will basically destroy any enemy (with the exception of a boss) almost instantly, and the Super Attacks look awesome. I executed my finishing move with The Thing and he jumped up in the air and smashed the ground, causing the earth beneath his foes to shoot up and destroy them.

The age category for this game is 6 to 10… and then 35. Yes, that's right, 35 year-old geeks could be playing a game online with your child. Don't worry though, because there are no chat options available in the game. Players communicate with one of over 30 emotes that are all accessible by using the keyboard's number keys and the "F1" set of keys. The lack of chat support in the game was a bit of a bummer, but it's pretty damn obvious why you would leave something like that out of a game that 35 year-old males could be playing with 6 to 10 year-olds.


The raw amount of characters in this game will likely give any game on the market a run for its money. These guys have the rights to use any Marvel character EVER - not just Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man. I asked the rep if I was going to be able to look forward to kicking some family friendly ass with Deadpool. She told me that she could neither confirm or deny his involvement in the title, but that he could appear in the game if they wanted to put him in it. This obviously spawned the question "Does that mean that you can play as the bad guys?" Once again, she stated that she could neither confirm or deny that feature. But I'm anticipating playable baddies, because the rep had a giant smile on her face while saying all of this. Anyhow, you shouldn't worry about getting dibs on a specific character, because you and your friends can be a herd of Wolverines if you want - there are no character locks on any of your favorite guys, so be who you want to be.

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