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SwitchIn 3D Chat MMO!

SwitchIn 3D Chat MMO!


Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Entertainment
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Switchin.net
In:48555 Rank:128
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SwitchIn 3D Chat MMO! Description

SwitchIn 3D Chat MMO is a site that offers 3D themed chat rooms. All you need is Shockwave and you will be able to play in your web browser. You are able to try out full 3d chat experience that is happening all in your browser. You have the ability to check out the Cloud Courtyard location and the Dance Club.


Customize Your Avatars
You can fully customize your avatars, changing your appereance to give you thousands upon thousands of different varieties of style and colour. You can also goof off with some animated emoticon actions with your friends. You can also adopt a pet with you when you are wander in the multifarious rooms.

Design Your Own 3D Room
If you sign up for an account you receive your private customizable 3D room. You will be able to change your user room to any a variety of colours and designs. You can buy and move each piece of furniture seperately just like Habbo Hotel. When you are your room and click the house icon you can go to the "Room Edit" mode. From there here are the controls. Arrow keys to rotate the object, right mouse click to tint/colorize your object. You can also change your walls and floors this way too!

Make Friends All Over the World
SwitchIn 3D Chat MMO is localized in several languages and has fans across the world.  Over 1 million plays a month by younger crowd shows its attraction. Then this is the chance for you to make friends with them!

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