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Sword Girls

Sword Girls


Genre: Card Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:ChangYou.com Limited
In:57179 Rank:102
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Sword Girls Description

Developed by Zeonix, renowned creator behind popular online trading card games (TCG) Fantasy Masters and Ragnarok TCG, Sword Girls takes the CCG experience to new heights with its visually stunning anime design and strategic game play that will entice both veteran players and newcomers alike. The game features over 500 uniquely drawn playable cards that can be collected through the innovative card crafting system. Players gather crafting materials by competing their way through dozens of dungeon levels against computer opponents or by challenging other players to online duels.

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Sword Girls Video

Sword Girls Review/Guide

Sword Girls Guide: Factions

Below is the general starting guide for Sword Girls factions. Depending on the factions that you choose, your Sword Girls playing strategy will sway into one of these categories, however these definitions are not 100% clear cut because many of the spells can be used in all the factions...

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Sword Girls Guide: Boss Decks and Rewards

In Sword Girls, even the dungeon bosses are also cute. But it's a hard work to beat all of them. Here is a guide about all the Sword Girls dungeon bosses' information...

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Sword Girls Child Ginger Deck Guide

The basic idea of the deck is get ridiculous followers on the field, dish out tones of damage, get them back in your hand with Child ginger

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