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Sword Saga

Sword Saga


Genre: RPG Status: Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Strategy
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:R2Games
In:14299 Rank:738
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Sword Saga Description

In Sword Saga, experience an extraordinary adventure in a world powered by the latest online gaming technologies. On your epic journey you will explore a wide variety of locations, form friendships with a slew of unique companion characters, and uncover the secrets of the Starmoon Crystal. Start the journey of a lifetime today, only in Sword Saga!


Sword Saga is the latest and greatest MMO from R2Games. Set in a Fantasy world scarred by an ancient war, a fragile peace is threatened by the greed of humans as they fight for control of the fabled Starmoon Crystal, said to hold immeasurable power. Journey far and wide in your quest for glory, and encounter a large variety of travelling heroes to form close ties with! Do you have what it takes to wrest control of the forces of the Cystal and unleash it’s hidden potential?


Some of the most exciting features in Sword Saga include:


  • Advanced Dialogue System - Engage in conversation with your fellow companions to unlock hidden quests and perks.


  • Dynamic Battle Positioning - Strategically deploy your party, and adapt as the fight goes on.


  • Deep crafting system - Craft a wide variety of items and gear to get an edge on the opposition.


  • Customizable items - More liberty to reuse old gear, so you never waste a single item!

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