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Tamer Saga (Yeepgame)

Tamer Saga (Yeepgame)


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:YeepGame
In:17683 Rank:535
90 votes


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Tamer Saga (Yeepgame) Description

Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style MMORPPG. Free to play forever! Emblem selection and pets deployment in the basis of enemies’ attributes are the crown jewels of this fantastic role play game. With the thrilling storyline happened in medieval Europe, players can recruit various monsters and even BOSSes they defeated to become their companies. The game world supports PvE as well as PvP that available all the day where players can gain ranks and rewards. Players can also choose from one of four classes, including Warrior, Mage, Priest, and Ranger.

Tamer Saga (Yeepgame) Screenshot

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Tamer Saga (Yeepgame) Video

Tamer Saga (Yeepgame) Review/Guide

How to Get the Mounts in Tamer Saga

As we know that Tamer Saga is a free-to-play anime-style RPG which is operating on Yeepgame, it received great welcome from Yeepgame players. In this article,we introduce how to get the Mounts in Tamer Saga...

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Auction and Choosing a Formation in Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a browser based RPG which uses the 2D technology. Tamer Saga set in Medieval Europe, players can recruit various monsters and even BOSSes they have defeated to fight for their cause...

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How to Use the Tamer Scroll in Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a free 2D browser-based MMORPG which is popular in North America area. Tamer Saga has its S5-Paradise on the yeepgame until now. Players in game can enjoy a rich variety of exciting reward modes. Today Yeepgame will introduce the Tamer Scroll to our players.

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