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Terminator Salvation FIG


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Science Fiction
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Stillfront AB
In:11272 Rank:1013
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Terminator Salvation FIG Description

Terminator Salvation is based on the movie featuring ChristianBale and is written by James Cameron. Choose your side, Human resistance fighters or Terminators. Two different sides, two different games with their own upgrades, missions and objectives and they are fighting against each other!



• Browser based MMO game based on one of the biggest movie franchises ever!
• Choose your side, Human resistance ghters or Terminators. Two dierent sides, two dierent games with their own upgrades, missions and objectives and they are ghting against each other.
• Two communities facing each other, only one side can win! When each season ends either the Terminators are world dominant, or the human resistance force has managed to break the Terminators!
• Begin your journey as a fresh resistance ghter recruit, or basic low tech Terminator model. Start with basic home base tasks serving the forces of your side. Gain experience and equipment until you are ready to become a front line ghter. This will allow you to engage in high priority battle missions encountering erce player vs. player combatswith players all over the world!


Community Aspects:

• Terminator MMO features in-game rewards for recruiting their real life friends into the game
• Player alliances can own vehicles and gadgets together that enhances the “battle squadrons” abilities in combat
• Terminator MMO features missions that require 2 – 8 players to join forces in order to be successful in missions.
• Rss feeds keeps players informed on what their friends are doing in the game.

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Terminator Salvation FIG Guides: Newbie Help

The End begins. Your mission is to gain experience and help the Resistance win the war against the Terminators. Before that, you should know what does this world look like. That will help you to survive in this cruel world and make yourself strong ...

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