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Terra Militaris

Terra Militaris


Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient
Fee: Free Developer:Snail Game
In:73340 Rank:71
686 votes


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Terra Militaris Description

Terra Militaris will combine historical MMORTS gameplay with high-end Flash graphics and will be fully playable on both PC and Mac formats. Ready to set a new standard for browser games, Terra Militaris will bring a new gaming experience to European players without any downloads or a subscription fee.


In the persistant online world of Terra Militaris, players will start the game by choosing one of the four great ancient civilisations; Rome, Egypt, Persia and China and create a hero in order to build their own empire. Players will have to evolve their empire through five different eras by further developing their knowledge in the fields of technology, construction, military and economics. To achieve the ultimate victory, players will need to build powerful armies by levelling up their heroes and combat units, upgrading their weaponry and by learning effective battle tactics.

Players can conquer their rival’s territories by laying siege to their strongholds, taking over and controlling important cities, forging alliances and uniting military forces with other players to lead massive combined armies in epic real-time battles, which can be against NPCs, individual human players and even entire guilds. Players can also increase their political influence by spreading religion, exploring uncharted territories and building trading routes on the vast world map. They must be ready to master all these strategic tools and finally unite all the ancient civilisations under their banner to rule the world.

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New players Frequently Asked Questions.This is going to be a artical to attempt to answer most of these.

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