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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Points Theme: Crime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:The Crims
In:39864 Rank:159
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The Crims Description

The Crims takes place in CrimCity - a metropolis for gangsters, scumbags, and criminals. You have limited time to earn as much respect as you can. The one with the most respect at the end of the game wins!


The fastest and easiest way to make money in Crimcity is to perform robberies and this will be a good starting point for your criminal. Start with the easier robberies and work yourself up. Be careful not to try a tough robbery with an inexperienced criminal, if you fail you will have to spend some hard time in jail.

Night life
To perform actions in the Crims, such as robberies, you need stamina. There are two ways to refill your stamina, waiting for it to refill itself, which can be quite slow, or to take a night out on town in one of the numerous clubs or whorehouses in Crimcity. Taking drugs will refill your stamina and you will find them in nightclubs. There are two dangers with visiting nightclubs and taking drugs though. If you're not careful and take too many heavy drugs at once you might overdose. The other danger with visiting clubs is that other criminals you meet will get a special kind of temporary relation with you. Anyone who has you on their relations list can attack you in an assault.


Assaults are done to send the competition to the emergency and to steal some of their stats, making you grow stronger. When you start playing you can't get attacked by other criminals you might meet in nightclubs, or other places, if you have less than 200 in respect.

The next step in your criminal career is to broaden your business enterprises and complement you robbing talents with other means of income. One of these ways is to hire hookers to start working for you. Hookers will give a steady source of income with only a few risks.

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TheCrims Guide: How to Reach 200 Respect in a Day

The Crims, a metropolis for gangsters, scumbags, and criminals. Online free mmorpg webgame. Below is a easy to read and understand guide written by EvilCooper and first published on Crims.biz, which tells beginner how to reach 200 respect in just a day ...

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