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The Wrestling Game

The Wrestling Game


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Browser games md srl
In:201311 Rank:17
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The Wrestling Game Description

Take a wrestler and start your career in the world of wrestling. After a hard training you will become a great wrestling fighter! but will you be able to beat the best wrestlers in the wrestling game world?


Wrestling DATA
Every user, after they subscribe to the site, will have the choice of what class of wrestler they want. The five available classes are:


• Strength • Technical • Speedy • Resistance • Balanced

Regardless the chosen class, the wrestler will be a rookie, with very low stats (Strength, Speed, Technique, Resistence), he will have just base moves and won't have personalized ones.

From the wrestler data it is possible to upgrade the stats to make your wrestler stronger.


In the game there are 20 skills plus a class skill. Upgrading a base stat will give you some skill points, which are needed to power up your wrestler. The skills are split into 4 categories: strength, technique, speed and resistance.

Finisher: ..create your personalized finishing moves..
There is no wrestler worth his name that has not got his own personalized finishing move.

In this section you can create your finishing moves, personalizing them 100%, from the damage, to the name, to descriptions.. As with normal moves, the finishers can level up too, to become more lethal!

The data you can insert is:

• Name
• Minimum and Maximum damage
• Attack Bonus
• Move type (direct damage, submission, pinfall)
• Required position
• Gained position
• Description of the execution of the finisher

Based on the "power" of the move, it will have an adrenaline value that is required to be executed. The adrenaline is gained during the match by hitting the opponent and suffering hits yourself too.


Challenge: sooner or later you will have to enter in the ring ..
To gain experience you have to enter the ring and fight other athletes. To seek other wrestlers of your level you can use the chat or the search engine; You can send them private messages... and you can challenge them. It's possible to add a wrestler to a black list, to avoid superior opponents that keep challenging you. Your allowed a match every 20 minutes!

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The Wrestling Game Guides: General Gameplay Tips and Tricks

The Wrestling Game is a strategic/managerial on-line game on the world of wrestling. You will have the possibility to build your career as a wrestler, starting with no job and no money. Your objective is to build your own career and to take your spot to the various Federations in the game to earn money.

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