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Genre: Puzzle Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Funny
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Funorb
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Transmogrify Description

Transmogrify is an exciting word-based game, which will test your anagram-finding skills to the max! Beginners can aim to race the clock or rack up a high variety bonus; experienced players can aim to do both at the same time, and everyone can seek that elusive 12-letter word!


Your aim in Transmogrify is to make a series of words from your collection of letter tiles. There are 10 rounds: in each, you will keep the tiles from the previous word and get a new set of tiles in addition.


The tiles look like this:tiles


You can move the tiles by dragging them, or by double-clicking them to add them to your proposed word. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard. In this case, the ‘UP’ arrow key will assemble the word from the previous round and the ‘DOWN’ arrow key will clear the scoring rack.


You can not submit the same word twice in a single game. if you really can not make a word, you can skip a round, scoring 0 for it. Tiles that are harder to use are worth more and reusing tiles causes their value to rise. The value is shown in the corner of the tile.

Each of the 10 rounds has a bonus tile, which doubles the score for that word if it is used. This bonus does not carry through to the next round.


Bonus tiles look like this: bonus


On top of points from the words themselves, there are two other bonuses available. Make words quickly to get a large time bonus or make words radically different from previous words to get a large variety bonus. Once you’ve had some practice, try getting both.


The dictionaries used by Transmogrify have been compiled from multiple independent sources. Certain words that may offend some players have been omitted.

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