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Triple Triad Advance


Genre: Card Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Funny
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Triple Triad Advance
In:13273 Rank:732
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Triple Triad Advance Description

Triple Triad is a mini game featured in Final Fantasy VIII. For many years there have been online triple triad games to play against other real players in real time which has spawned a whole new community of players.


TTA also features the TTA Quest an excellent MMORPG sidegame in which you can earn points and special cards for your account, and of course The Card Palace a card collectors dream come true of player owned and operated card shops. If you are looking for the ultimate Triple Triad experience, you have found your home.

TTA Quest
TTA Quest is an optional MMORPG game where you can make extra points and cards for your TTA account. To locate the link check the left menu after login. It is a good idea to check the Quest Help link on the bottom menu in TTA Quest which will give you a few pointers to help get you started.

Card Palace
The Card Palace is Triple Triad Advance's very own interactive card shop with players running their very own card shops to get rid of unwanted cards or to make some points.

Custom Cards
- Use a large size picture to begin with, as it better to shrink a picture than to expand it.
- Try to get good quality pictures.
- When looking for pictures think about how it will look when finished - make sure that you can see the background!
- Feel free to develop your own backgrounds, number sets, borders etc to show of for originality.
- Practice, practice and more practice!

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